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July 17, 2008
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                                                         Chapter 6
                                                     Ashchu returns
Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon; if I did Ash would turn into different Pokémon a lot.

“B-but I can’t be leader after you!” Bramble stuttered. He looked around and went back to Ash, “I’m coming with you when you go.”Now it was Ash’s turn to be amazed. He asked, “How did you know I was leaving?” Ash was shocked; he had been planning to go in secret. Bramble looked ashamed, “Me and Abbie were going to follow you…” He muttered, “Now you know can we just go with you?” Ash looked around for Abbie, she was chatting with Candy. Ash signaled for Bramble to follow, he ran over and called Abbie over. Abbie took one look and knew what had happened. She sighed and said goodbye to Candy. “Abbie…” Ash started but Abbie interrupted, she rolled her eyes at Bramble, “Let me guess, Bramble told you our plan.” Bramble was trying not to look guilty. Ash smiled and nodded. “So, can we come?” She asked. “Of course! But you could’ve just asked.” Ash replied, “It would have made things much easier, *cough leadership cough*.” Bramble rubbed his neck, “Sorry. Anyway come on! You have to pick someone else to be leader.” Ash went back to his stand and announced Cherry the new leader. Cherry gratefully accepted and took her place next to Ash.

“Mightyena get that pikachu out of the way!” A huge wolf-like Pokémon came hurtling towards pikachu. Pikachu grabbed the pichu and ran up a tree. The mightyena could only put his huge front paws on the tree growl. The trainer snarled in frustration, then brightened up and pulled out a pokeball and threw it straight at pikachu. Pikachu was engulfed in the eerie red light a few moments before it snapped. Pikachu looked down for a closer look at the trainer, he realized that what he had earlier thought was red hair was actually a hood and in the middle was the unmistakable sign of team magma.

It was the dead of night; Ash crept around the sleeping pikachu’s and went to wake up Abbie and Bramble up. “Ugh, what?” Was Bramble’s only reply. “Come on sleepy head…” Abbie yawned, “It’s time to go.” Bramble heaved himself up and followed Abbie and Ash. Ash entered the forest and looked over his shoulder at Bramble and Abbie, “Come on.” Ash said flatly. Something suddenly bounded out of the bushes, a pikachu looking over its shoulder. It crashed into Ash and they went tumbling. A human burst out of the bushes soon after. “Oh! You just led me to even more pikachu.” He sneered, “Perfect.” Ash froze. He recognized that voice. He slowly turned around; it was a team Aqua member. He looked at them and said: “Great now we can power our machine even more!” A machine, what machine? Ash wondered. Then he realized what the member was doing. Grabbing his pokeballs. “SCATTER!” Ash shouted, “MEET UP BACK HERE!” Everyone ran in different directions. Even the new pikachu. As Ash ran he could hear the angry roar of the team aqua member.

Pikachu was still up the tree. The team magma member had set up a camp below, and posted all of his Pokemon as guards around it. Pikachu was trapped! Pikachu had found a pidgeot nest that they could sleep in. pikachu woke up to the sound of battering wings, he looked up and there a huge pidgeot was hovering above him. “PIKA!” Shouted pikachu. The pidgeot landed on the branch next branch, and said: “Since I’m such a nice pidgeot, I’ll let you give me a good explanation for being in my nest. If you do not give me a good explanation, I will eat you.” Pikachu simply pointed down. The pidgeot looked and said, “Ah, well in that case let me fly you away from my nest.” Pikachu nodded and lifted the still sleeping pichu on the pidgeot, then mounted himself.

Later that day Bramble, Abbie, Ash, and the unknown pikachu were all back at the clearing they ran from. When Ash got back he saw Abbie backed against a tree, with the aqua guy cornering her. For the first time, he used a powerful volt tackle. He knocked the aqua member flying and saved Abbie. The unknown pikachu was a girl called Daisy; she had been looking for a pikachu group she heard lived in the forest, when the team aqua member jumped out at her she bolted, and “I ran into you” She finished. “What’s your story?” Ash, Bramble, and Abbie looked at each other. “Well…” They started, “We used to be in cages at a Pokemon breeders house. Ash escaped and stayed to free the rest of us, Ted was put in one of the cages we were in. Half of us formed a group; the other half went their own way. Ash was the leader, but didn’t want to stay. He has a friend called pikachu who he wants to find. We snuck out and you came out of the bushes and bowled into him.” Bramble and Abbie finished. Ash didn’t say anything. He knew what was coming next. “How did you and pikachu get separated?” Daisy asked. Ash sighed and begun the tale, leaving out a few bits. “It all started when I was knocked out... I woke up in a lab tied up on a metal table. Ted came in for pikachu but took me by mistake, and so on.” Abbie looked at Ash in amazement. “I never knew that!” Ash shrugged “You never asked.” Abbie looked annoyed, but before she could protest Bramble spoke up, “It’s getting dark; I’ll be first guard, then Ash, then Abbie, then Daisy.” Ash yawned, curled up, and went to sleep. Abbie soon followed, but Daisy was looking at Ash. “You’ll be mine soon Ash…” She whispered.

Pikachu felt the wind whipping his face; the pidgeot was flying full speed. “JUST DROP ME OFF AT THE OLD LAB IN SUNWAY TOWN!” Pikachu shouted over the roaring wind.  The pidgeot nodded and swooped down. Pikachu grabbed on to the pichu and the pidgeot, and hung on for dear life.

*SMACK* Ash woke up. But it wasn’t him who was being smacked. Abbie was holding Daisy up by her collar <the fur that would be a collar if she was wearing a shirt> *SLAP* “Abbie, what are you doing?” Ash asked. “She had the nerve to, the nerve to!”She shouted. Ash looked around, “Nerve to do what?” At that point Bramble stepped out of the shadows. “You really don’t want to know…” He said. Ash was tearing at his hair in frustration, “TELL ME!” He roared. Bramble sighed and looked at Abbie, she nodded. “Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.” He sighed. He went over and whispered in Ash’s ear, Ash turned very pale. “She did WHAT!” He shouted. Bramble sighed and whispered again. “I didn’t mean tell me again.” Abbie started punching Daisy, “Now you know why I’m doing this!” *Double slap* It took both Bramble and Ash to stop Abbie from beating the life out of Daisy. “Did you?” Ash asked, he hoped she would shake her head or say no, but she said “Yes…” And hung her head. Ash sighed. He was now a father to be. Ash had been asking the same question for the last 20 minutes. The answer was always yes, or a nod. Ash looked at bramble, “I wonder what pikachu will think.” Bramble shrugged his shoulders, “I don’t know Ash, but look after him or her.” But Bramble already knew what it was going to be.

Pikachu had been dropped off at the lab with the pichu who amazingly didn’t wake up. Pikachu dragged him to a bush where the pichu finally woke up, “Uh where am I?” He asked, Pikachu didn’t know whether to answer or not. “Were at an old lab.” He said finally. The pichu flinched and turned around, “Who are you?” He asked. Then the situation dawned on him. “You’re the pikachu, who saved me, aren’t you?” *pikachu sweat dropped* “I guess I am!” He said. Pichu looked at him confused, “How did we get here? We were stuck in a tree.” He asked. Pikachu looked at him, “We flew on a pidgeot.” He replied. *pichus jaw drops.* “How didn’t I wake up!!!!!!” Pikachu sighed and curled up in the bush. “I don’t know! Just go to sleep.” The last thought in his head before he went to sleep was: what will Ash think?
This is number 6!:D plz comment! If I do somefing wrong let me no!
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